Pass a Urine Drug Test. This website offers solutions to all your drug testing concerns with our guaranteed products and up-to-date useful information. Here you will find our value packages. We will show you how to pass a urine drug test. You will go to the lab with confidence and give them a clean urine sample GUARANTEED!

For Light Users
For individuals who have very low toxin levels and who are below 200lbs. Consists of a Detox Drink and two single panel drug tests.

$51.95 save $8


For Medium Users
For Users Under 200lbs. and/or for individuals with medum toxin levels. Consists of a Detox Drink, Pre-Tox caps and two single panel drug tests.

$66.95 save $12

Saliva Drug Test Package
For those undergoing a saliva drug test. Contains anything you might need to pass a saliva drug test no matter your weight or toxin level.

$55.95 save $12


Random Test Package
Not sure which test? Then this is perfect for you. Contains everything you might need to pass any drug test. Urine product only for users under 200lbs.

$119.95 save $8.00

For Heavy Users
For Users Over 200lbs. and/or users with very high toxin levels. Consists of a Detox Drink, Fast Flush Capsules, Pre-Tox Capsules and two urine tests.

$97.90 save $12


Drug Test Supersale
Contains 20 single panel drug tests of your choice. Can be purchased with different combinations of drug tests. Great Value!

$75.00 save 55% !