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iScreen 6-Panel Urine Drug Test

Be sure! Test yourself First!

iScreen 6-panel drug test
Test yourself with our 6-Panel Urine Drug Test!
  • A brand new product to drug test for marijuana (THC) & five other drugs
  • Simple one-step drug test
  • Accurately detects five drug metabolites, including marijuana
  • Reliable results within minutes
  • Simultaneously tests for THC (marijuana), cocaine, methamphetamines, benzos, oxycodone, and opiates
  • Conforms to NIDA/SAMHSA approved guidelines
  • Extremely easy to use and very cost effective

You asked for an easy, affordable "upgrade" to the popular single unit marijuana THC home drug test kits, and delivered! The Six Panel Test Kit is a great product for detecting marijuana THC in urine, plus this kit will test for four other drug metabolites -- cocaine, methamphetamines / amphetamines, opiates, oxycodone, and benzos.



Our expert and friendly staff is available 8:00 am - Midnight (ET) to help you pass your drug test and process your order for overnight delivery.

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