Drug Tests Using Hair Samples

How long does a drug affect a person?

People have many beliefs regarding drugs and for how long they remain in a person’s body.  While the vast majority of the populace relies upon mere rumors and speculations, the fact is it is difficult to predict exactly for how long it is before a person habitual to consuming drugs may test negative in a drug test. The drugs that you tried the night before, or last week, or maybe the New Year’s Eve a couple of months ago may still be there – in your body. And you may be totally unaware about this fact. Contrary to the belief most people have about drug consumption, a person may stop indulging in drug abuse for some time and still may test positive in a drug test. Traces of drugs may still exist in your blood, sweat, urine, and even your hair.

The main issue with drug abuse is that whenever an individual consumes a banned substance, the metabolites associated with the particular drug get absorbed by the adipose tissues in the body. Adipose tissues are composed of fat cells. Once absorbed, the metabolites keep on releasing slowly in to the blood stream – on a consistent basis. That is why even when a person stops taking drugs, the metabolites presence can still be detected in the blood sample taken from a person. It takes time for the metabolites to pass out from the system. The time may vary from person to person since each individual has a unique metabolism.


Different ways of testing for drugs     

One of the most popular and perhaps the most well known method of testing a person for drug abuse is to take a blood sample and test it for the banned substance. However, it is worthwhile to know that blood test is not the only method to test a person. Hair, saliva, and body fluids can also be used for carrying out drug tests, and the tests can be fairly accurate when these types of samples are used.


Can hair on other body parts be tested in a hair follicle test?

The growth of hair is the most on the head as compared to other body parts. Hair present in different parts of the body can be used for drug testing purposes, however those on the head are generally taken as samples. The reason is the person may have practiced drug abuse for a number of months and subsequently discontinued the practice. The person may no longer be taking drugs. In that case, the person should test negative in a hair follicle test. However, since the growth of hair is less in other body parts, the metabolites may be present in the hair follicles of the person. On the other hand, hair growing on the head is often replaced within one to two months at the most. A more accurate reading is obtained if hair testing is done using scalp hair.


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Published on 31 Dec 2014 at 03:02 pm