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i-Screen 1-Panel Urine Drug Test

Be sure! Drug test yourself First!

Test yourself with our 1-Panel Urine Drug Test!

Drug testing yourself or others is a very popular practice for a plethora of reasons. iScreen has been on the forefront of fast, easy to use, and accurate at home drug test supplies and panels for years.

  • One-step tests accurately detects drug metabolites
  • Easy to use and works very fast
  • Extremely reliable results
  • Conforms to NIDA/SAMHSA approved guidelines
  • Cost effective and light-weight

Urinalysis drug test panels are available for the following drugs:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Cocaine
  3. Methamphetamines / Amphetamines
  4. Opiates
  5. Benzodiazepines
  6. Morphine
  7. MDMA / Ecstasy
  8. Oxycodone
  9. Suboxone
  10. Nicotine
  11. PCP

Great way to drug test in the privacy of your own home on yourself or others.

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Our expert and friendly staff is available 8:00 am - Midnight (ET) to help you pass your drug test and process your order for overnight delivery.

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