7 Day Body Cleanser

Permanently Remove Toxins from Your System

7 Day Body Cleanser
7 Day Body Cleanser

7 Day Body Cleanser was designed for those who want to cleanse their blood, urine and saliva. This product will cleanse your system in only 7 days! The detox program includes a healthy, toxin-free diet, daily permanent cleansing capsules and proper water intake. This product is NOT a mask! It safely removes harmful toxins from your body, leaving you clean, healthy, toxin-free, and most importantly, feeling good.

This intense 7-day system will totally cleanse your body, once and for all. Cleansing your blood, urine and saliva of all toxins, as well as any new hair growth. Completely Clean cleanses toxins from your body and brings them to a level that is undetectable by most blood, urine and saliva drug tests. Toxins that are removed will be gone forever.

Drug Test Quantity

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  • Daily Cleansing: Take 2 capsules with 24 oz of water three times daily for seven days in a row. Urinate frequently to remove pollutants.
  • Additional Water: Drink plenty of water. You should drink 8-10 8 oz servings of water per day to keep you hydrated.
  • Diet: Limit yourself to a low fat diet. Examples of low-fat foods are: fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish.
  • Exercise: Try to get at least 15-30 minutes of aerobic activity, such as walking each day.
  • Avoid Polluted Environments: Examples of pollutants are smoking cigarettes, second hand smoke, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, or even running/jogging near a busy street.
Urine Drug Testing - Immunoassays

Most laboratory drug tests in the US, about 95%, are urinalysis tests. The majority are immunoassays. There are three types of immunoassay tests:

  1. Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT)
  2. Radio Immunoassay (RIA)
  3. Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay (FPIA)

In general, these three tests work in the same way. Chemicals are added to the urine sample that will attach only to specified drug metabolites. Once this has occurred (or not) more chemicals are added to determine if the new compound has been created, usually changing the color of the urine sample.

These tests are usually very accurate. However, due to cross reactivity, there are many false positives. Some chemicals used in immunoassays will attach themselves to a whole class of drugs, confusing legal over-the-counter medications with associated but illegal drugs. Many times these tests are performed quickly and carelessly by unqualified laboratory personnel. Some reports have concluded that immunoassays will give a false positive up to 30% of the time.

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