Employee Drug Testing

Employee drug tests are not conducted to embarrass employees. Though some may argue that it is a personal choice to take or not take drugs, yet the fact remains that drug abuse is a serious problem that affects not only the person involved in it but also the people around him or her. The drug abuse problem has serious consequences as one person's slip may harm a number of people who might be relying on that person for providing a particular service. Therefore, sooner drug abusers face up to their drug problem, the better for them, as they would have saved themselves that much sooner from getting into a degenerative life and existence. Drug testing is the first step in that direction.

About Employee Drug Tests

Employers subscribe employee drug tests in order to ensure that they hire not just competent people but people with the right habits and attitudes and ones who have a healthy mind in order to work efficiently. Most common form of employee drug testing is the pre employment drug test.

In a pre employment drug test, the employer asks the prospective candidate to undergo their drug testing program, as part of normal employee hiring routines. The program may involve urine, blood or hair testing and the tested individual is hired only if the test results show up as negative.

Another form of employee drug testing is random testing. In such testing, any employee in an organization can be called up at any time to take a drug test. Employers, who suspect a particular employee of doing drugs, can ask them to take up a reasonable suspicion drug test. The reasonable suspicion drug test is an example of this form of testing.