Drug Testing Methods - Urinalysis And Hair Follicle Tests - What You Should Know

If you are likely to undergo a drug test soon and wondering how to pass a urine drug test so you can continue working in your place of employment, or keep on studying in your school as the case maybe, it’s imperative you understand how urinalysis works – if you are required to undergo a urine test. Once you have the knowledge, you may find it much easier to discover different ways how to pass a drug test in a week by trying out various options available.


The basics of urinalysis

Whenever a drug enters your body through any means (injections, oral intake, sniffing, etc.) the drug metabolites are deposited in the fat cells of the person. These metabolites are than slowly released into the blood stream until their concentration diminishes in the fat cells. These metabolites are transferred to the urine through metabolic activities. A urinalysis test checks for the presence of these metabolites in the urine sample.

Urinalysis And Hair Follicle Tests

Typically, a urine sample consists of up to 50ml to 60 ml. The sample is treated to a number of tests and the presence of metabolites is ascertained in addition to its concentration. A number of other testing methods may be used to carry out a routine urine test – dipstick test, HPLC, GC/MA, specific gravity tests, and immunoassay are common.


Hair follicle drug tests

Hair follicle tests are sometimes preferred over urine drug tests since they have a capability to detect drug usage over an extended period. They can detect the presence of metabolites from 5 days up to 90 days. Hair follicle methods are useful when a subject is to be tested for extended drug abuse practices.


Habitual drug users often try to find ways how to pass a hair follicle drug test if they are likely to face such a test in their place of employment.


The pros and cons of a hair follicle test

If you are habitual to drugs and wondering how to pass a drug test in 2 days, it may be difficult for you to find reliable drug masking methods if a hair follicle method is used.

  • Drug consumption can be tested for a much longer period unlike in a urine test.
  • A person can be tested for consuming drugs for as long as 90 days even after consumption. The person can still test positive even if s/he abstain from drug abuse.
  • It is quite difficult to cheat the drug test since hair is cut close to the subject’s head or body.
  • A hair follicle test cannot be carried out if the person has no body hair.


The Supreme Klean Synthetic Urine Kit to pass your drug test

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  • Artificially synthesized urine – a “clean” pee specially designed to substitute your urine sample.
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  • Very simple to use.
  • Can be used by females as well as males.
  • 2 year shelf life.
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