How to Pass a Blood Drug Test

How to Pass a Blood Drug Test?

When you are looking for tests for ascertaining the presence of drugs, blood drug tests are generally not performed because it is costly and is likely to take a lot of time as well. Generally, such tests are requested mainly by insurance companies or even in those jobs where misconduct can deter the image of the company and lead to problems. They are mainly used in accident cases where there is a probability of involvement of substance abuse and intoxication. One of the most effective ways of passing a blood drug test is to opt for whole body detoxification. You can choose to drink lots of water and follow a thorough detox program to cleanse your body. The detox programs are so made that it will loosen the toxins present in your body and drinking excess of water will flush it out through perspiration or urination. If you have consumed high levels of marijuana, you should take some quick action because THC tends to get stored in the fat cells of human body. Although drinking water will dilute the toxin content, it may not remove the toxins completely and it may be traced in blood tests.

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Factors That Influence Your Blood Drug Test

The time required to remove the toxins from your body depends largely on factors like your physical body weight, the speed of metabolism and so on. The frequency with which you use the drugs also impacts the results. Not only this, the amount of toxins that you have consumed and the time period for which you have consumed it also plays a pivotal role. There are products that are available which can clean these toxins from your body; however, it can take time ranging from three days to up to a week. In order to pass the drug test, it is advised to opt for immediate discontinuation of drugs. Also, go through a detox program and follow the specified diet. You must take in a lot of fluids and try and perspire more. Most of the programs that are available are natural and safe to use. However, make it a point to make sure that you have gone through the details because there is no point in choosing a program that will fail to serve your need. Do not let the presence of your drugs hamper your dreams at all. You can always pass your drug test by checking these points and tips.