How to pass a drug swab test

How to pass a drug swab test

How to pass a drug swab test

How to pass a drug swab test – You would certainly worry about how to pass a drug swab test if you knew that you are not clean and a drug test is imminent. Now how to pass a drug swab test depends upon how long you have been doing drugs and of what kind. However you can try and prepare yourself in the lead up to the test. First of all stop doing drugs. Also avoid eating anything with poppy seeds in it for that will make you get a positive result. What you can do is eat food rich in fat an hour before the test. This will make the contaminants in the mouth move towards the stomach as a precursor to digestion. It is said that keeping ice in your mouth prior to the test also helps.

However in the long run you can try the more holistic method of high fiber food, plenty of fluids, and exercise. This will aid your body in expelling toxins from your body through metabolism. You could also hasten the process by using home products like cranberry juice and lemons. Needless to say of course that while you are at it you don’t do drugs.

In the short run however if the test is upon you suddenly and you know for example that your employment prospects depend upon it there is no need to panic. You can use Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouth Wash, which will detox your mouth for 30 minutes giving you enough time to pass the test. Though you may now have a fair idea of how to pass the drug swab test, it would be wise to try and give up doing drugs. This is because drugs are tested for all the time with newer and better techniques and you won’t always be able to plan your defences in advance every time.

Though there is no doubt that random testing is a bit of an infringement of personal liberty, and a bit unfair as well as it sometimes punishes the innocent on account of any medication they might have been under, there is no chance that this regime will end anytime soon. So in a sense it is a good idea to accept the inevitable and start thinking of stopping drug intake completely.

How to pass a drug swab test – The alternative is to keep watching over your shoulder all the time. It is a big relief therefore to have in the market detox products like the Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouth Wash to help people cope with the all pervasive drug testing. However in so far as the question, how to pass a drug swab test is concerned that has pretty much been answered. Now whether you want to pose a similar question pertaining to another drug test, or want to clean up your act is entirely your choice.

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Published on 04 Jan 2013 at 03:47 pm